"Save" using iGridd App

"Save" using iGridd App
22.6.2012 20:13
I've started using iGridd and it works better than through Safari.
But sometimes when I go to Save, the wheel spins for minutes before there is a response, when the wheel disappears.
Is there a way to stop that action, so I can do something else?
I also put in my request to not just use delete to reverse square entries, but to have a Forward so that if one deletes beyond the start, one can get back without trying to figure how it was.
Thanks. BB
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RE: "Save" using iGridd App
23.6.2012 7:42 vastaus kirjoittajalle Bruce E Burnham.
You can save by using the shortcut key ctrl-s.
Undo by using backspace or ctrl-z.
Redo by using ctrl-y.
There are more shortcut keys you can use. Go through the menu to:
Help --> iGridd --> Solving Windows
and explore them yourself.
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