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How does help work

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How does help work
2.8.2012 5:22
I am very new to making griddlers and so far my track record is about 50%. I made three triddlers that got accepted and I made three (one multigriddler, one triddler and one griddler) that got rejected.

I wouldn't mind the rejections so much except that I put a lot of effort into the multigriddler. It took me nearly all day trying to make sure it was a good enough multigriddler to be accepted and it still got rejected. It was certainly a better multigriddler than some I've seen.

But I'm not really here to dredge up the past. I'm looking forward and want to know if anyone would be willing to help me so that my effort is not wasted.

How does it work to get help with creating griddlers? I can't submit partially made griddlers to anyone to ask their advice. Is there a way to describe what I'm working on and have someone give me pointers?

Currently, I'm working on a triddler I'm calling "colliding galaxies" and I myself am not satisfied. It's difficult to get the colors right. There are supposed to be thin pink and red lines as the arms of the galaxies with bright blue and green patches but the pink is still too pink and it's hard to lighten the blue and green without them turning white. Anyone have any suggestions?

RE: How does help work
3.8.2012 11:15 vastauksena bejjinks:aan.
Hi bejjinks,
You are new to the site and I don't want to give you the impression that we are rude people in here. Afterall, nobody replied your.
The thing is, people are on vacation. Jeltje, who is one of our great moderators, asked if she could help you, but she meant - help when she is back from her vacation, which is in ~3-4 weeks.
I can help too, but right now I really don't have the time to do it. I am extremely busy doing things I usually do with help from others. Anyone said vacation?
It is just that time of the year. So, please be patient. To be sure we didn't forget your request - resubmit your post in September. If nobody replies - I'll step in.
In the meantime I have one suggestion: solve as many puzzles as you can. It may help you to get the grip of making those puzzles.

RE: How does help work
3.8.2012 21:45 vastauksena hagitm:aan.
Thank you. That was a very helpful reply. I will be patient. emoticon

RE: How does help work
31.8.2012 20:33 vastauksena bejjinks:aan.
I'm back home again and ready to help out. If you still want some help, send a message at holland@griddlers.net and I'll explain how you can send me your puzzles, so that I can have a look at them.

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