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Little Mermaid 14424

Little Mermaid 14424
11.10.2012 20:15
Hey everyone,
I need help with this one,
plz let me know if i did something wrong.

Catagory - Cartoons and Comics
The little mermaid
puzzle no. 14424
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RE: Little Mermaid 14424
18.10.2012 9:21 vastaus kirjoittajalle לירן קול.
Hi again liran emoticon

I deleted all the clues that already have been filled in, so that you only see the parts that still need to be filled. I also put background in the obvious places combining the rows and the columns.

Now take a close look at column 21. You can fill in part of the 9-clue (marked in black). After filling in those blocks, you can continue nicely in columns 19-21, completing the first 12 rows. Now after that I marked one clue in row 14 in red. Look at all the clues in the columns, and you will see that there is only one place to put that clue! When you have placed that clue look closely at the other clue in the same row, and at the clues in column 18, and you will see that you can determine where you can place that clue as well. Continue doing this row/column comparing for the rest of the puzzle.

I know that the triangles are very confusing when you first start using them, to make it a bit easier to see I made you a little schedule where I assigned a color to every different triangle. Hopefully that will make it a bit clearer!

Good luck, Maarten
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