Unable to close "Comments on Puzzle Window".

Seen in MyAccount, MyStatistics, Show, Author Statistics, Comments, New, Read. The popup window is presented too high. The "X" icon is under the browser toolbar. Cannot reposition popup. Seen in Windows 7, IE9, Java 7, 1366x768. Only seen when browser is set to 125% zoom. Workaround is to change zoom to 100%. This is not a bad problem, only a minor inconvenience.
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RE: Unable to close "Comments on Puzzle Window".
12.10.2012 7:50 vastaus kirjoittajalle steveo ..
Look if you are (or are not) in compatibility view, as follows:
Go through IE's menu -
Tools --> Compatibility View (if it is checked - uncheck it, and vice versa).

BTW, how come you still use IE? FF is much better. It is a friendlier browser and produces almost no errors. Just my suggestion.

Also, if it isn't the compatibility view, nor the browser (using FF doesn't fix the problem) - try to go back to the previous version of Java (6.xx? instead of 7).

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RE: Unable to close "Comments on Puzzle Window".
12.10.2012 12:17 vastaus kirjoittajalle Hagit Maor.
Compatability was unchecked. Changing to "checked" created multiple odd new behaviors....all more troubling than the original issue.

I agree that many people prefer FF for the reasons you mention. I tried it for a while but did not like having two browsers and I must keep IE for other reasons.

Changing Java for such a trivial issue seems to drastic.

I will just adjust my zoom.

Thanks though!
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