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Cat - 27802
16.10.2012 19:45
I'm stuck with the lower left part of this multigriddler. I'm somewhat frustrated, because the mid-time is 20 mins... with the other apparently harder parts I had no trouble, just this one. Maybe someone can help? Thanks!

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RE: Cat - 27802
16.10.2012 20:20 vastauksena bur:aan.
That small single block of 2 cells is what is going to help you along. These cells just have to be part of the right clues of 5 and 6. Which means you can fill in some white cells at the right side of the puzzle. After doing that, have a look at column 3 :-)

Have fun solving!

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RE: Cat - 27802
17.10.2012 17:24 vastauksena bur:aan.
Ah, of course. emoticon

I even thought about that, but from the left. I was wondering if the left part of these rows had to be the threes, but that's not certain. On the other hand, as you said, the two rightmost dots have to be 5 and 6.


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