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"Long Line" When Validating

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"Long Line" When Validating
21.11.2012 12:52
What is the exact problem when a puzzle is "OK" but cannot be validated for "long line" errors.  I have created a few puzzles which were lovely, but I couldn't correct the "long line" error, so I gave up.

RE: "Long Line" When Validating
21.11.2012 20:39 vastauksena popkin:aan.
There are instructions on how to submit puzzles that explain that very concept. You cannot submit a puzzle that has more than 20 clues on any line. "Long Line" appears when there are more than 20 clues in a line.

RE: "Long Line" When Validating
21.11.2012 21:26 vastauksena popkin:aan.
Detailed explanation can be found HERE.

How to fix?
Here is an example of a clue line:
1red, 1blue, 2red, 1black, 5yellow, 1red (6 clues).
If you change the second clue (1blue) to red the clues will look as follows:
4red, 1black, 5yellow, 1red, (4 clues).


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