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security warning

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security warning
8.2.2013 10:26

the puzzles are working for me.
I just get annoyed by the security warning popping up twice every single time.
 First time when i start the griddler.
Second time when i switch to old applet. (It's just better to read for me than the new one).

What can i do? I almost always check the "don't show this message again"-button, but it does not work.


RE: security warning
8.2.2013 20:11 vastauksena Rolando:aan.
Read what Ra100 suggests in HERE or use Firefox. If you choose to use Firefox, update the browser and then - when you activate the plugin, notice a small icon to the left of the address bar, where www.griddles.net/... is. Click it and select "Always activate Java for this site". It'll save you those extra clicks you need to do when opening a puzzle.

RE: security warning
8.2.2013 22:46 vastauksena hagitm:aan.
Sorry, i didn't tell about my browser.
Firefox is the only browser i trust and i am on the newest update i guess.
I didn't find anything about Java spcifically, but i changed some settings of which is called "Berechtigungen§ in german, might be known as authorisation in english.
Let's see if it makes a difference.

RE: security warning
8.2.2013 22:50 vastauksena Rolando:aan.
What i tried did NOT work.
How do i access that Java control panel, then?

RE: security warning
9.2.2013 8:28 vastauksena Rolando:aan.
How do i access that Java control panel?

Open Control Panel and double-click on the Java icon.

On the thread I gave you above you may find other suggestions to stop getting the security notification. Look what monstermaria and claret try. It worked for them. It may work for you too.

RE: security warning
9.2.2013 12:53 vastauksena hagitm:aan.
"Do not show again" works well for Chrome

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