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Sudoku 778 multiple solutions

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Sudoku 778 multiple solutions
8/9/11 7:13 PM
Sudoku 778 can be solved in two ways. I don't know if you see this as a correct sudoku, so I just post it here. The in the picture highlighted 8, and the 4 next to it can be swapped, when the 8 and the 4 in the lower right block are swapped too.

Attachments: duplicate.png (10.4k)

RE: Sudoku 778 multiple solutions
8/9/11 7:34 PM as a reply to tomgreep.
This sudoku is Diagonal variant - it means also both diagonals must have unique values. If you swap 8 and 4 , you will break diagonal constraint.

I know, this should be better explained on puzzle page. We are working on detail documentation for puzzle types.


RE: Sudoku 778 multiple solutions
8/9/11 8:25 PM as a reply to Ra100.
No, it doesn't need any explanation (although that would indeed be better for beginners, but not for me), I was just blind :oops:

Thanks for the response!

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