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5/17/06 11:56 AM
Is there any flag griddlers?
If yes, which and where?
If no - add them! emoticon

Re: Flags
5/17/06 2:13 PM as a reply to foofam.
Hi foofam!

If you click on "Guide Lines" on the left menu you can read what kinds of puzzles are accepted for the site.

Here is the excerpt about flags.
Flags are not accepted either. We are an international site and wish to maintain impartiality. Since dozens of flags would never be published because they have 3 colored rectangles (like the flags of Germany, France or Italy), all others flags are not accepted as well.

Hope you understand why you can't find any flags. Have you tried any of the puzzles under "History and Government: Heraldry and Medals"? Some of these are devices that could appear on flags of localities.

Continued happy solving,

Re: Flags
8/24/06 9:37 AM as a reply to foofam.
is it not possible to make all flags. i have a book (date 2006) with all 192 flags. to make the griddlers more difficult you can make them not rectangular but waved.

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