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Gorgeous "Stuffed Pink Bunny" ...

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Gorgeous "Stuffed Pink Bunny" ...
9/20/07 7:23 AM
Nicky is fast becoming one of our best authors .. making us hundreds of really creative Griddlers to enjoy puzzling over .. so far they have all been very, very good .. but this charming little stuffed rabbit has the extra 'wow' factor ...

50439, 50440, 50441, 50442

Stuffed Pink Bunny - by - Nicky

Simply perfect, really clever design .. so lifelike you feel you could reach into your monitor and pick up the cuddly rabbit .. simply stunning .. fun to solve and definitely has the aaaahhhh factor when completed .. many thanks Nicky .. emoticon

RE: Gorgeous "Stuffed Pink Bunny" ...
8/10/08 11:01 PM as a reply to patootie.
This message is from some time ago,
But i really like to thank you for the post,
I love it that you like my puzzles, that's what keeps me going,
All the Nice e-mails en comments i get emoticon

RE: Gorgeous "Stuffed Pink Bunny" ...
5/2/10 3:27 PM as a reply to Nicky.
And another 2 years go by ...

Hahhahh .. that's great Nicky ... I lost track of Griddlers for a couple of years .. a computer crash and medical problems kept me away .. or rather I somehow just forgot all about it ...

... but I am back and creeping up the 'top' charts again .. slow but sure ... emoticon

And .. I had another look at the beautiful pink bunny ... it really is one of the nicest Griddlers I've done .. and I've now made myself a shortcutted list to all your Griddlers ... I can see you've been busy in my absence .. emoticon

'Just' a couple of thousand of your Griddlers (2,518!) all waiting for me to tackle .. thank you !!

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