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#32261 River bliss

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#32261 River bliss
9/3/05 9:55 PM
Ok, it has been over 26 hours of continuous solving and finally we deceided we need help... This puzzle is just too big :?

So whoever is in the mood for it, come over to help. No, we don't need tips like 'I think there is a mistake in row 311, the clue of 237 blocks is too long'. It is not. We do have clues like that and you might guess by now the actual size of this puzzle. But we need help to solve it!!

So come over to the Kruithuis in Delft. Any time until 17.00 (dutch time zone) tomorrow. ANY TIME (there won't be any sleep tonight).

We need you.

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Re: #32261 River bliss
9/4/05 1:38 AM as a reply to Meeting.
Been there.

Done that.

Got the t-shirt...


Re: #32261 River bliss
9/6/05 12:15 AM as a reply to Meeting.
Hey don't we get any idea who the people in the picture are?
I know you guys are having fun -- wish I was there!

Re: #32261 River bliss
9/6/05 9:47 PM as a reply to Meeting.
[quote="wiggles"]Hey don't we get any idea who the people in the picture are?
These were the persistent ones, still solving when the rest of us were sitting at the campfire. But they gave up too, we really needed you there, Wiggles!


Harmless, Jan_Sneek and VvdStruik (soon to be renamed ;-)) at the left corner. Hagie on top of it, like he has been all weekend, Fineke and Muppie at the right.

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