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Get Secret ??
5/1/10 7:34 PM
I'm flummoxed .. just completed Griddler ID 93397 ,, and there was a funny symbol thing .. it said click on it to get the 'secret' .. well I did click on it and was none the wiser with what came up (won't put what it was in case it spoils the fun for someone else) .. but I now have the 'secret' ... but what is it all about and what am I supposed to do with it ???

RE: Get Secret ??
5/1/10 7:41 PM as a reply to patootie.
Hi Patootie,

The secret message is part of the G-match. Every round one puzzle gets a message like this. It gives you information you need to find the last password of the match. After 24 hours the secret message will disappear again, although you can still find out what it is if you check the chatlogs.


RE: Get Secret ??
5/1/10 8:05 PM as a reply to Jeltje.
Thank you Jeltje ... it's not often I bother with the 'G match' competition side of the Griddlers .. just do the daily new ones when they come up ..

After my long 2 year break .. I am plodding along nicely now .. back into the swing of things .. creeping back up the 'top' charts ... my next big target is to sneak past 'Steady' ... and claim top of the UK Griddlers ... or at least top of those who have indicated their country ... and of course that's if Steady doesn't keep leaping along ahead of me ... just keeping out of reach emoticon

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