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Clues different colours

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Clues different colours
5/3/10 11:54 AM
Not sure how to describe this but I am finding it very confusing when several shades of a colour are used ..

On the vertical clues I get one shade of blue (for example) .. but when that same clue is shown in the horizontal lines clues it is a different shade .. the clue colours down the side are always lighter than the corresponding clue along the top line of clues .. :roll:

Sometimes with very similar shades it's impossible to differentiate which clue is which because of the colours showing differently from horizontal to vertical clues .. even in the 2 colour Griddlers there is a definite darker colour along the top than the clues down the side ...

I've tried reloading my Java in case it had become corrupt .. checked other Griddler type sites (shock, horror, can there be any similar sites :lolemoticon .. and it doesn't happen in those .. so is this a 'known' Griddlers problem .. or am I the only one who finds it a challenge when doing multi similar shaded Griddlers ..

I've temporarily solved it by simply changing the authors colour scheme to more contrasting colours .. but I'd much rather complete the Griddlers using the shades as the authors intended them to be ..

Has that made any sense ??

RE: Clues different colours
5/3/10 12:14 PM as a reply to patootie.
It looks like you need to calibrate your monitor. You can google "Calibrate Monitor" and choose the easiest guide. What to do if you still have a color issue after the calibration? It depends on the monitor age. If it's a new one and still under warranty - get it to the lab. If it's an old monitor - time to get a new one soon.


RE: Clues different colours
5/3/10 2:40 PM as a reply to hagitm.
Thanks Hagit .. actually it is a fairly new laptop .. and as it only happens here in Griddlers ... I can't see how it could be the calibration ?? Other 'paint by numbers' sites show any coloured clues as the same colour horizontal or vertical .. it's a bit of a puzzle isn't it .. emoticon

I know laptops can 'change' colour displays depending on what angle you tilt the screen to .. but I did try fiddling around and changing angles but the colour discrepancies stayed exactly the same .. the vertical line clues are consistently a shade or two darker than the clues for the horizontal lines .. but once fitted into the grid the colours are just the same as the horizontal clues show with no colour change up or down the Griddler from top to bottom or side to side .

Trust me to have such a 'weird' thing .. hehehe

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