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65057 Help
10/24/14 8:02 AM
If someone could give me some tips or tell me if there's anything wrong, that would be nice.

Attachments: adkgja.JPG (240.1k)

RE: 65057 Help
8/3/11 5:08 PM as a reply to Modi.
I just noticed your post is still unanswered. Do you still need help? I haven't finished this part of Spits Fire myself yet, but maybe someone else can step in and help you.


RE: 65057 Help
8/13/11 1:27 PM as a reply to Modi.
Column 21, cell 25 must be red. Good luck in further solving! emoticon


RE: 65057 Help
10/9/14 5:28 PM as a reply to Modi.
For all solvers who are  peeking in the above  "adkgja.JPG" picture for help,  
please pay attention that the 2 reds on row 13 col 36-37 should not be there (mark them as background).

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