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WebStart issue in Windows 7

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WebStart issue in Windows 7
12/13/11 10:24 PM
Recently I've been having a problem starting WebStart under Windows 7. When I try to start it, I get the "unable to start application" message box. Clicking the details button, I find a message saying Java was unable to open the file <long pathname to Java deployment cache>/6.0/1/2b577681-4d1b7463. I look in the indicated folder and, sure enough, the file doesn't exist. But...there is another file with a similar name, and its modified date is the last time I successfully opened WebStart. If I copy this file and rename it 2b577681-4d1b7463, then try to start WebStart again, it works fine.

I have WebStart on several computers, and this only happens under Windows 7. I suspect it has something to do with Windows 7's byzantine access controls, but I have UAC completely disabled on this computer. From my login, I can write to the folder where these files live with no problem, but maybe the application can't?

As long as my workaround works, I'm not too bothered by this, but it is odd so I thought I'd bring it up. Any thoughts on what's going on here? I can capture the exact error messages and tracebacks the next time it happens, if that will help.

RE: WebStart issue in Windows 7
12/14/11 8:15 AM as a reply to tamimcgill.
Hi Tami,

Griddlers.net works very well on Windows 7. I use it myself and have no problem. Also, a glance at the following thread shows that Windows 7 is used by other too.

My guess is that you have a corrupted or an incompatible applet stored on your computer. Either that or "remnants" of Java.
What to do?
Clean everything: Uninstall Webstart and Java, and then - reinstall them.

I believe it'll help,

RE: WebStart issue in Windows 7
12/22/11 8:03 PM as a reply to hagitm.
hagitm there is really a problem under windows 7. i posted a problem several time ago you told me the same you told tami.
last days i cleaned my complete computer and set it up new. the problem is the same....

RE: WebStart issue in Windows 7
12/22/11 11:11 PM as a reply to Top-Secret.
First - remove Webstart. (Yes, again.)

Then open:
Control Panel --> All Control Panel Items --> Programs and Features
Browse through the list. I am sure you'll find several Java items. Remove them all.

Go to Java's website and install the latest Java version for Windows 7.
Now - download Webstart.

When you first open Webstart you'll have to give it time to download all your data from the DB.


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