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Out of bounds exception

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Out of bounds exception
6/21/09 5:33 PM
Strange happening or bug on both IGridd and going through web start on the multi griddler 80649 Enjoying the View.

When I bring up the New Multis, it gives me the out of bounds exception, and when I click off of #80649 it shows it as solved on 1/1/70. I haven't solved any of it, much less on 1/1/70

The other puzzles in the list seem to be working fine.

RE: Out of bounds exception
6/21/09 5:50 PM as a reply to momb.
Mea culpa. It's the first time I had to delete a multi because it was published too early (not all parts were ready). I thought I removed all "remnants" of it, but I forgot one place in iGridd.

If you close and reopen the applet the error should be gone. You can also continue solving and skip this one. The next time you open the applet it will be gone.

Sorry again!

RE: Out of bounds exception
6/21/09 8:08 PM as a reply to hagitm.
No reason to be sorry. It wasn't a problem for me. I was more worried someone might have hacked the IGridd. That or I time traveled, solved puzzles, and didn't remember. ;)

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