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Java update-Mac-grid hard to read

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Java update-Mac-grid hard to read
7/22/11 2:36 PM
I guess Java had an update recently (maybe it didn't--maybe there was something about the fonts it uses or something), but the grids that pop up to solve problems on my computer is now too hard to see clearly to solve problems.

Has anyone else had this problem? the blank grid is a darker grey, the numbers are hard to see, and it's almost a little blurry on the grid itself--hard to count the boxes. Divisions at 5's are barely visible.

Any suggestions are welcome!

RE: Java update-Mac-grid hard to read
7/22/11 2:39 PM as a reply to elisadavis.
Sorry, I didn't realize there was a separate Mac category (or at least, I didn't remember). Should this thread be moved there?

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