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'Pop up' line clues missing

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'Pop up' line clues missing
10/18/10 8:38 AM
Ohh myyy .. I don't know what their proper name is .. but the helpful clue lines that appear bottom left and top right to show you what numbers/colours to put in ...

Sometimes they show, sometimes they don't ... I've tried clicking hide/unhide .. I often have to click 'solve' and then delete and 'solve' several times before I can get them to appear .. it's frustrating .. and saves much scrolling up and down to see the horizontal/vertical static clues ..

Is there something I'm not doing right ??

I'm not using the i-Gridd thingy because the bigger bolder ?????? in the blank squares give me bad headaches .. probably just me and my fibromyalgia .. but it stops me using it .. so I am using the 'old normal' grids .. I never had a problem with the 'extra' clues until the recent make over ..

Got all the latest Shockwave, Java etc .. but not updated to Windows 8 or whatever the newest one is yet ...

RE: 'Pop up' line clues missing
10/18/10 6:20 PM as a reply to patootie.
You may find the answer here.

RE: 'Pop up' line clues missing
10/19/10 10:06 AM as a reply to hagitm.
I did try that Hagit .. just in case the 'guidelines' was the same as my problem .. didn't make any difference though ...

Sigh .. sometimes intermittent 'faults' are merely 'life's little irritations', sometimes they are more 'puzzling and perplexing' .. and in this case it's just downright annoying ... annoying that it doesn't go right more times that in does go right ... :roll:

Computers .... flippin' things hahahahah !!!!!!!!!

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