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Workshop Issues

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Workshop Issues
10/2/11 10:09 PM
I tried the workshop for the first time, and I can't seem to use all the functions. If I make the grid smaller than the picture I imported, I can't move the picture to where I want it to be, and "Trim" seems to do nothing. Is there something I need to download to make the workshop function as it should?

RE: Workshop Issues
10/3/11 6:58 AM as a reply to ShorinBJ.
You only need Java to use the workshop. It looks like the workshop works for you, therefore - you need nothing else.

In Griddlers Workshop, if you import an image and it appears in the background - you can resize it or make it transparent. You can't move it.

In Triddlers Workshop, if you import an image it always appears in the background. You can change its position, as explained in the workshop page.


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