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12/2/05 12:58 PM
Welcome to the Griddlers Multilingual Dictionary!

The dictionary is created to help you learn to meet and greet your international friends, understand the comments you see, and write comments to authors and others in their own languages. It is a living dictionary, which means it grows and evolves with your input and help.

We created a dictionary in many languages used on the site. For each language there is a basic list of words and their counterparts. They are the words which appear frequently on the site, particularly in the comments to the puzzles. We have also included some common phrases which you may find useful, such as "good morning".

The dictionary can be accessed by using its own link on the left side of the page.

More languages will be added as people step forward to help us with the translations. If you would like to add your own language to the dictionary, just send a message to Griddict.

We hope you enjoy this feature.
chefmomster2 and Jeltje

Re: Welcome!
7/5/06 9:08 PM as a reply to Griddict.
Our Griddler dictionary now has its own page that can be accessed by using the link on the left. If you would like to help us by adding words or making changes, please send a message to Griddict. The new suggestions will be added to the dictionary applet, but not in these forum pages.

RE: Welcome!
2/11/10 1:48 PM as a reply to Griddict.
Never seen a dictionary of all languages in any forum.

RE: Welcome!
9/24/13 6:29 PM as a reply to arecus2000.

The layout of the site has been changed. The dictionary is not available anymore, but you can still use this forum if you need a translation!


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