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G Match confusion
5/2/10 9:34 PM
Tournament 10

So .. I completed all the G Match Griddlers .. used the correct password .. did them all in pretty fast time .. but I don't seem to have had any of my scores counted .. and when I look in the individual Griddlers 'top scorers' .. I'm not in any of those either ..

So .. what did I do wrong .. ??

RE: G Match confusion
5/2/10 9:49 PM as a reply to patootie.
Hi Patootie,

Only the first 200 solvers get points for the G-match. The first solver gets 200 points, the 2nd 199 etc. So if the puzzle has been solved over 200 times before you do, you won't get any points and your name won't show in the lists.

If you want to get points, you need to solve these puzzles right after they are published. The time of publishing is different every week, and will be announced in the site news.


RE: G Match confusion
5/2/10 9:52 PM as a reply to Jeltje.
Actually, you ARE in the G-match solvers lists. Check out this page, you are at # 257.


RE: G Match confusion
5/2/10 10:52 PM as a reply to Jeltje.
Thank you ...

But ... If I solved 93406 Bart Simpson .. in 4.57 ... why am I not in the list for top players on that Griddler .. and it's the same for all this weeks G Match Griddlers .. I solve them fast ... but I don't get mentioned .. ?

:idea: Aaahh ... maybe, yes .. I see now .. there are only 200 names .. so only the first 200 to finish get on the list .. !

Yes .. I remember now .. had to have all this explained several times when G Match first started :oops:.. kept solving them fast enough .. but .. never in the 200 people time limit hahaha

Can't imagine how I managed to actually score anything then as I never bother to check when the G Match starts .. must have been a pure fluke that I solved any of them in with the first 200 people hahaha

And that's why I never bothered with G Match before if I remember rightly .. never here at the right time .. emoticon

Thanks for clearing that up for me .. I was very confused .. and errr .. looking back through my posts ... just as confused as I was in 2007 when you explained it all to me then ... sorry for forgetting .. sorry for asking again ... and thanks for explaining it all twice ... :roll:

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