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More choices for filters
1/28/07 7:57 PM
Right now I can't search through "all colors, medium size", I can chose "only 2 colors, medium" ore "only 3 or more colors, medium". I can't seach for "only 2 colors, all sizes", I have to chose one of the sizes, I can tighten filters, but I can't expand them, eg. "width 10-40"
This is something I miss since the day of introducing division to "small", "medium" and "large" and "2-color" and "3-8 color".

Re: More choices for filters
1/29/07 3:56 PM as a reply to powsinoga.
Oh, I agree with these complaints with all my heart. I loved sorting absolutely ALL the pictures (or parts of the multis) according to their size, time of solving or anything else.

Could you please add one more category in the Griddlers, being "All griddlers" or something like that? And then let us choose their colors from 2 to 8, allowing to do the same with number of parts.

I would also appreciate if I could choose "Without Kiddlers" just the way I choose "Without triangles".


Re: More choices for filters
2/6/07 2:21 PM as a reply to powsinoga.
I solve primarily the multi-grids, and I would like to be able to filter through all multi-grids, both color and black and white.

Right now, I have two saved lists...
(At least this was true when I first set it up...)

Thank you

Re: More choices for filters
4/23/07 6:54 AM as a reply to powsinoga.
The lists of ALL answers your request. :-)

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