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link to "Solve in iGridd" on old applet pages

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Sometimes I click a link in the forum or the main page and it taked me to the old applet, then I have to put the number into iGridd to open it... I guess if there's a way to add a link on the old pages or set your preferences in your account to open links to puzzles in iGridd or something, that would be nice for the lazy ones (like me).

Thanks for reading all the suggestions, you guys are doing an awesome job with the new program and the site!

Re: link to "Solve in iGridd" on old applet pages
2/21/07 6:54 AM as a reply to ellipsis.
Have you already tried the 'webstart'?? That's the same applet as the igridd, but it doesn't require you to open any browser window. You can open the webstart from your desktop, and when you have the page open and click on a link, it doesn't automatically close the new applet because it works seperately from the browser you use with the 'normal' page.

You find the link to download the webstart on the homepage, next to the link where you open the igridd page!!

Hope this helps emoticon


Re: link to "Solve in iGridd" on old applet pages
2/21/07 6:08 PM as a reply to ellipsis.
Yeah, I always use the webstart, but I was just talking about when I happen to end up on one of the old applet pages... I dunno, it actually sounds like kind of a bad idea to me now, since they just put in the thing on the iGridd that you can go directly to a puzzle number... so I guess now this wouldn't really do a whole lot.

Thanks for the reply anyway emoticon

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