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Forum and Comments
2/26/07 12:00 PM
Is there a way to have a Forum button on the applet? Also, on the Profile page, could we see the puzzles we made and the comments for those puzzles? emoticon Thanks.

Re: Forum and Comments
2/27/07 4:54 AM as a reply to tlym.
That's a fantastic idea!! I would really love that (if it does not require an awful amount of work from the team...) emoticon

Re: Forum and Comments
3/1/07 5:41 AM as a reply to tlym.
I personally think that we don't need everything in the applet that we have on the page itself. It isn't too much trouble to check the page anyway. Only if something is going be different, maybe easier way to read comments of own puzzles, it would be ok. But if it doesn't change anything and for example forum would be there as it is on the page now, what difference would that make?

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