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igridd payment methods
3/5/07 6:01 PM
I would suggest new methods for the igridd applet as a lot of player do not have a credit card that is needed by paypall.

I would suggest something like mobbilion or sms-kambi these are cellphone payment methods and are available in a lot of country's

Re: igridd payment methods
3/7/07 7:48 AM as a reply to wax.
here in germany, paypal also allows debit-payment and a prepaidpayment for which you must send the money via bank transfer first.

Re: igridd payment methods
3/7/07 10:04 AM as a reply to wax.
I dislike companys like paypall ass they always require a bankaccount number, even with prepay. Such information is very sensitive.

But the the payment by phone is also a good solution for people under 18 who solve griddlers and would like to play with the igridd applet. I guess a -18 won't have paypall.

Re: igridd payment methods
3/7/07 1:17 PM as a reply to wax.
Would paying with sms be possible from one country to another? I know it works perfectly ok inside one country, but between two different ones?

And as for the people under 18, their parents are responsible for their money using. I don't think parents would be happy to pay a phone bill that includes 40$ extra...

Re: igridd payment methods
3/7/07 5:53 PM as a reply to wax.
SMS payment solution available in 20 countries
url: smskambi

    United Kingdom
    United States

I know not all the country's would be supported but now there is a whole group off people who does not use the igridd because of a lack in payment methods

i guess mobbilion is a company from the Netherlands and does not offer as many country's. But there might be other methods.

Most teenager i know have a prepay card on there phone and won't pay the whole year...

I would really like other payment methods that are more user friendly. as it would make the igridd applet available to a bigger public.

Re: igridd payment methods
3/8/07 7:12 PM as a reply to wax.
We already investigated the SMS option and the Pay by Phone option and decided we wouldn't use them. The company that provides the service (like SMS Kambi) chrages 20%. The cellphone provider charges 40-50%. Total of 60-70% is an outrageouse fee.

Note that sending money - by SMS, phone, PayPal, etc - is allowed to age 18 and above. It is mentioned in SMS Kambi's Terms of Use. We encourage the kids in the site to ask their parents to step in. Usually it works the other way - the parents are the users, they show the site to their kids and teach them how to solve. For them we established the Group (family) rate.


Re: igridd payment methods
3/8/07 7:33 PM as a reply to wax.
this means i will never be able to use the igridd applet as i do and will not ever use paypall(just for the record i am 18+). and i can not find information about the postcheques method (and belgium/israel is a bit far by post, it would probably cost me lots more then the 20-30% extra fee on an sms service)
. emoticon :cry:
It is very disappointing. maybe there are more methods to be considered(i am out of ideas).
I know other people who share my opinion and are not happy with the fact they are losing all there saved puzzles and they have no proper donation method as this site is worth the effort to donate. :cry:

Re: igridd payment methods
3/8/07 7:43 PM as a reply to wax.
Hello wax

if you are from Belgium, you can meet me directly there. I am not sure when, but I'll come there for sure this year more than once. This year we already had a minimeeting in Antwerp. So next time you will buy me a dinner for 15 euro and you will get one year subscription.

Btw if there is anybody going to CEBIT in Hannover, I'll be there from March 19th to 21st in Hall Nr.8 Stand C03, company EEA . All subscribers paying cash will have 50% discount ;-) . All others which will visit me there can get a cup of coffee.

Re: igridd payment methods
3/9/07 10:32 AM as a reply to wax.
Yeah when is that mini meeting...

I have found a solution for the payment for now emoticon

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