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search for puzzles
6/25/07 10:33 PM
I would like to be able to search for puzzles by a keyword in the name.

Re: search for puzzles
6/26/07 7:32 PM as a reply to jeanpete.

You can do this already. In the old site, if you have the list of puzzles open, click on 'description'. You'll get a box where you can enter the word that you are looking for. So if you search for 'flower', you'll get every puzzle (in that category) that has flower in the title, even if it's 'Sunflower'.

If you use the iGridd applet, it's even easier. There is a search box in the menu at the left. You can search for ID, author or description in there. Just don't forget to click on the box below it, to change the type of search you want to perform.

I hope this is clear!


Re: search for puzzles
6/30/07 6:41 PM as a reply to jeanpete.
I have been trying to figure out how to search for months. I thought I had tried everything. I still don't understand why there is not a button that says "search", but thanks.

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