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iPhone Application
10/27/09 2:20 AM
Any chance of getting iGridd on the iPhone app store? There are a couple of griddler apps out there but they don't cut the mustard! The app would not need full functionality (ie limited puzzle size, puzzle selection etc) but any iGridd app would make me a very happy bunny!

RE: iPhone Application
11/7/09 1:17 PM as a reply to david2587.
Why do you say existing iPhone griddler apps are bad? Can you give me any example?

RE: iPhone Application
5/7/10 6:12 PM as a reply to horatioo.
This is an old thread but I just got an iPhone and would love to be able to link up to the griddlers here..... There are some apps there (found only 3 so far), they are not bad, but they seem limited in the number of puzzles they provide and somewhat seem.... simplistic compared to the amazing quality I am used to here. Besides, it would be fab to log in with membership here, solve puzzles on the go, gain points and still be part of the community here.

Personally I would be prepared to pay a subscription fee of some sort to have such an app..... Something to think about and maybe provide some funds for this fantastic site?

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