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Line Counter/Tooltip for clue numbers

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Line Counter/Tooltip for clue numbers
11/8/11 6:48 PM
My mental arithmetic struggles to add up long rows of clue numbers to calculate overlaps and to see if a range of clue will fit into a space.

I would therefore like the existing Line Counter / Tool tip tools to be extended to work when the mouse pointer is over the clue numbers. For the selected range it should add the clue numbers (including the required blank between clues of the same colour) - only a single row/column line could be selected since it doesn't make sense to try and count an area of clues

This is similar to the 'Clue total' suggestion but doesn't require extra screen real estate for a total column, is more flexible and hopefully easier to implement.

RE: Line Counter/Tooltip for clue numbers
11/9/11 6:54 AM as a reply to MymsMan.
Here's a method to see if a clue is long enough or has a portion of its "body" fit in a column/row: Add up the value of the clues plus the quantity of clues and subtract 1. Take this number and subtract it from the length of the column or row. If this number is smaller than any number in the row, subtract this number from each individual clue and you will then be able to place that many squares of each clue's body.

For example, you have a row length of 20. Three clues of 2, 6, and 9. The clues add up to 17 and there are 3 clues (remember to subtract 1 as only two blocking spaces are minimally needed) and this is 19. The row length is 20, take away 19 and this leaves 1. This one means that each clue has an ambiguous placement of one of its clue portions. Therefore you can place one portion of the 2 clue, five portions of the 6 clue, and eight portions of the 9 clue.

I think to keep up your mental acuity and not rely heavily on a computer, this kind of arithmetic should not be incorporated in the program. Remember these are puzzles here to jog your brain and you don't want the computer to do everything for you.

Features like Area Fill in and Line Fill in are great for those of us who know how to fill in large sections or have problems moving along a straight line with a mouse, respectively. Automation is great to some extent but the feature you mention I don't think should be implemented. I would rather have a feature that automatically removes/checks off placed clues as this minimizes mouse movement and increases puzzle solving time. It has no effect on logic but instead coordination. And of course it should be made as an option for those who wish to have it.

Just my thoughts.

RE: Line Counter/Tooltip for clue numbers
11/9/11 2:54 PM as a reply to cosmictrombonis.
Thanks for the comments ,
I understand the methodology for calculating the positions of overlapping clues but looking at some of the larger puzzles on this site which have 15 or more clues in some rows with few obvious candidates for overlaps it is the scale of the arithmetic to be performed that daunts me. Personally I think there is sufficient challenge in solving a griddler without needing the additional challenge of adding up the lines of numbers

I am proposing extended the existing counting tools which only work if you are holding the control key down so the counts would only be visible to those who choose to use them. If you prefer to do all the arithmetic yourself you would still be able to

RE: Line Counter/Tooltip for clue numbers
11/9/11 6:24 PM as a reply to MymsMan.
I see your position more clearly now. I find that the rows with such large numbers of clues are definitely harder to figure out placement especially with 1s and 2s so I tend to skip them until I find rows with larger numbers and/or continuation points. I rarely require the necessity of the method I described above because I find to do that math, whether in my head or with a calculator, is always more time consuming than leaving that row/column and working elsewhere.

I know the site personnel is always working on new code and I've been waiting a long time for an automatic clue check-off feature, but I'm sure it's one of the most complicated and not necessary since manual clue check-offs are available. Creating the tool-tip you mentioned may seem superficial to me, but for those who would like it and support it, I wouldn't be opposed.

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