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6/27/12 5:52 AM

I am stuck in griddle No. 114362 (Looking for a Master)! I think I have made just a minor mistake (but major enough not to be able to finish the puzzle) somewhere but cannot find where. I really would appreciate some help! I hope I can upload my unfinished result for you to check... Looking forward to hearing from you.

Attachments: koira.docx (139.8k)

RE: 114362
6/27/12 6:40 AM as a reply to kirsil.
It's difficult to see the clues. Perhaps try putting it in Paint and then cropping it so the file is small enough to still upload. The whole solving window isn't necessary.

RE: 114362
6/27/12 7:48 AM as a reply to kirsil.
I copied your file in paint and it showed a lot bigger than the word document you posted emoticon

You went a little bit wrong in the left bottom part oif the puzzle, all other small mistakes come from there emoticon Delete the red areas and you should be fine!

Good luck, Maarten

Attachments: masterhelp.jpg (226.3k)

RE: 114362
6/28/12 11:59 AM as a reply to dreamtheater.
Hello again!

Thank you very much 'cosmictrombonis' and especially 'dreamtheater'! Maarten, you really made my day!! I never could have dreamed that my mistake was so far away.... Have a nice summer!

RE: 114362
6/28/12 9:25 PM as a reply to kirsil.
Kiva että ongelma on ratkaistu emoticon Jos tulee jotain kysymyksiä, kysyy vaan!

T. Maarten

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