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marking a multigriddler
6/30/12 1:34 AM
It would be good to be able to mark a multigriddler so I can return to it later. This isn't the same as saving a griddler because maybe I've completed one section and haven't started another section. I'm talking about marking the other sections so I can start them later.

Or if we could see a list of griddlers we've recently completed, than I could find the set of griddlers within a multigriddler.

RE: marking a multigriddler
6/30/12 11:36 AM as a reply to bejjinks.
Hi Bejjinks,

With iGridd it is possible to make a selection of partially solved multis. You can save those to a list and sort them by size etc. That way it's easy to find the one you are looking for.

There are other advantages to iGridd as well, but this is a great option!


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