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Need your help...

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Need your help...
7/19/12 6:27 AM
Hey everyboby,
I've got stuck with this tiny part of multy griddle, could you please help?
Griddle number: 13992
Lilo & Stich

See attached file, you will understand how very exhausting this puzzle....
Thanks a lot,

Attachments: 13992.png (128.2k)

RE: Need your help...
7/18/12 10:03 PM as a reply to liran972.
You have a small mistake. In column 42, the 1 clue cannot be placed anywhere in the space provided and in row 33, you are missing the 1 clue to the right of the 2 clue. If you slide the 8 clue in row 35 left one and the 2 clue in the last column up one, this will satisfy your missing portion.

After this look at the four single 1 clues in columns 40, 36, 34, and 30 and the relative positions of the rows. Be sure to work from the borders in. Hopefully then you'll be able to start the triangles. 

RE: Need your help...
7/19/12 6:32 AM as a reply to cosmictrombonis.
Thank you so much!!!
This was my first puzzle with triangle, i like it!


*edit* Hi Liran, I hope you don't mind I removed the finished picture from your post. It's not allowed to post a completed puzzle here, as not to spoil the solving fun for other solvers. Good to know that you managed to solve it though! One small question for you: did you manage to solve the Mickey Mouse part I tried to help you with? Just for me to know so I can put the status of the puzzle to 'resolved' ;)


RE: Need your help...
7/21/12 5:26 AM as a reply to liran972.
Oops... i didn't know and i'm sorry.
Actually, it make sense.

As for the mickey mouse, i didn't finish it. is was hard and i started to guess, but eventually the red sign showed no matter waht i did.
Thank, and again, i'm very sorry.

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