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8/16/12 9:36 AM
I must be missign something.

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RE: 126713
8/16/12 6:49 PM as a reply to ACW.
This is a perfectly mirrored puzzle. I don't like to solve these as there seems to be this weird way of having to take carefully educated guesses in order to solve it since finding the next step seems impossible at times. However in this case, I can help you and I believe this is the only logical move available. In column 9 OR row 9, you will see the clue sets are exactly the same. Fortunately you already have that 3 clue solved in each one. This means if you look at the single black square in row 7/column 7, you will see that the largest clue in either of them, the 4 clue, cannot exist on the one side that already has the black clue placed, since the 3 clues must have a blue clue next to them or background. There isn't enough room. This means the 4 clue must be placed on the other side and you'll see the clues above the 4 clue in the respective row/column, extend all the way to the border.

Hope this helps.

RE: 126713
8/17/12 9:31 AM as a reply to cosmictrombonis.
Thanks. That did it emoticon
Yeah, I'm not too fond of these perfectly mirrored puzzles either.

RE: 126713
8/17/12 8:18 PM as a reply to cosmictrombonis.
Thanks. that did it for me too.

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