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Please help with 9731

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Please help with 9731
12/9/12 6:09 PM

I am also stuck on the last part (the middle one) from "Pcik me up, Mommy!! (adapted clipart)"

The "X" marks square, where triangle fields may be.

Has anyone any hint?

Thanks & Greetings,

Attachments: 9731_PickMeUpMommy.PNG (38.4k)

RE: Please help with 9731
12/9/12 6:12 PM as a reply to tkrholic.
In column 5, there's only one place to place the black 12. You can continue from there! emoticon

Good luck, Maarten

RE: Please help with 9731
12/9/12 9:41 PM as a reply to dreamtheater.
Hi dreamtheater,

found another mistake in it :-( .
But finally, I managed it. Well, to be honest: I restarted this puzzle.
Now, I finished it. Your hint was very helpful.
Thanks a lot.


P.S.: How can I set a "solved"-flag?

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