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Multi 80182 (Train), Part 80186 (80184 Solved)

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Multi 80182 (Train), Parts 80184 & 80186

Hmm, looks like you'll need to right click and copy the image location to get the full image.

Attachments: 80186.png (56.4k)

RE: Multi 80182 (Train), Parts 80184 & 80186
2/25/13 1:39 AM as a reply to ACW.

so I marked the spaces that can't be blue with Xs which leaves only one possibility for the the 4 block in column 3.

Hope this helps to keep going!

Attachments: 80184 Train.jpg (147.3k)

RE: Multi 80182 (Train), Parts 80184 & 80186
3/1/13 12:00 PM as a reply to stinebiene.
Thanks emoticon

Now, 80186.

Attachments: 80186.png (53.0k)

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