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Help on 79175
3/16/13 1:57 PM
Can anyone help me with this puzzle? I keep making a mistake somewhere, and am getting frustrated. What should I send you to get help with it?

RE: Help on 79175
3/16/13 12:58 AM as a reply to ron9567611.

RE: Help on 79175
3/16/13 1:36 PM as a reply to dreamtheater.
Thank you, Dreamtheatre.

In the process of creating the screenshot, I decided to create a series of them to allow a helper to follow my thought process. I was on the fourth screenshot when I realized that I had been making an incorrect assumption. I would not have realized that except for the fact that I was justifying each decision in narrative.

So I have solved the puzzle.

Although no one really gave me help in the classic sense, you helped by influencing me to slow down and check all my assumptions.

As John Galt once said (and I paraphrase) "A is A. Contradictions cannot exist. If you discover a contradiction, then check your premises. One of them must be wrong."


RE: Help on 79175
3/16/13 1:51 PM as a reply to ron9567611.
I would be happy to say: 'glad to help', but I didn't do anything emoticon

Great that you made it on your own though, always a nice feeling to overcome your problems yourself. We will be here just in case there comes a time when you really DO need help emoticon

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