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cheetah 22364
3/23/13 1:28 AM
I would really appreciate some help with this one. I've gone wrong somewhere, but cant figure out where.

RE: cheetah 22364
3/26/13 7:35 AM as a reply to D-HOPE1.
Checked it very quickly and as far as I can see now there's no mistake. Tomorrow I have a day off, I will check it more thorough and see if I can find the place to continue! 

Have a little bit of patience with me ;) Maarten

RE: cheetah 22364
3/26/13 12:12 PM as a reply to D-HOPE1.
Mistakes marked with red.

@Maarten: I hope you don't mind me stepping in but this way you can concentrate on finding the next step ;) . But maybe this isn't even necessary, because there are couple of obvious places to continue. We'll see.

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RE: cheetah 22364
3/26/13 9:09 PM as a reply to Jenny84.
Thanks for the help. I was able to finish it after I corrected my mistakes emoticon

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