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Grid Pause
4/3/13 6:32 PM
It would be nice to have a Pause feature when doing puzzles.  Since I'm always getting interrupted my solve times are always askew.  I've seen other sites where the puzzle is blanked out during "pause" feature.  I tend to do a lot of saves, but this gets old when I need to step away in 5-20minute intervals.  Thanks, Grenol

RE: Grid Pause
4/3/13 6:47 PM as a reply to Grenol.
Check the top left corner of the puzzle screen, there is a checkbox for pausing the puzzle.

Have fun solving!


RE: Grid Pause
4/4/13 2:22 AM as a reply to Jeltje.
Thanks for the help!!  I wasn't a subscriber but that has changed and I now have a Pause button!!!! YEAH

RE: Grid Pause
4/4/13 8:40 PM as a reply to Grenol.
As far as I know the pause option is available to everyone. Have a look at the image to see where it is. What does it look like for you?

Attachments: pausekey.jpg (83.1k)

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