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Puzzles not loading...

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Puzzles not loading...
4/15/13 10:53 PM
When I try to load a puzzle, like <http://www.griddlers.net/griddlers/-/griddlers/84892>, the frame loads but the puzzle doesn't. The Chrome status bar continuously says "Waiting for facebook.com..."

RE: Puzzles not loading...
4/16/13 6:07 AM as a reply to Mac_E.
this puzzle is runing in Java Runtime Environment. Unfortunately it is not working in Chrome on Mac . 
You can either try lite version of the puzzle ( the link above puzzle area ) or use other browser - Firefox or Safari plus Java from www.java.com.


RE: Puzzles not loading...
4/16/13 2:32 PM as a reply to Ra100.
I'm running Chrome for Windows. The entire page is unresponsive so I can't click the lite version.

Please put up a banner saying you don't work with modern browsers, or better yet just revert to the previous java app with a much better UI that worked every time.

RE: Puzzles not loading...
4/16/13 2:51 PM as a reply to Mac_E.
Ooops, I was confused by your user name Mac_e, so I switched my brain to thinking Mac. 
Chrome on windows - latest Java version from www.java.com usually works. On January this year there were some problems with Java and Chrome, the plugin was blocked. Now it works fine.


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