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Word Search Issues

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Word Search Issues
4/22/13 10:02 PM
I  just started solving the Word Search puzzles recently and for the first couple of days they were working fine. Then all of a sudden one day I open up the site and when I click to start highlighting the word, the mouse cursor is on the correct letter but the colored area is on the row below or to the side of, etc.  I tried checking my mouse settings but everything was working normally on my computer except with the word search. Not sure if this is on my end or how to fix if it is. 

RE: Word Search Issues
4/23/13 6:34 AM as a reply to izzys44.
The only tip I can give you is to use Firefox/Mozilla. In Firefox everything works smoothly and strange phenomenons like the one you described don't happen. If that's not the case, add more info - your OS and browser are the least. Also, it'll help to have a screenshot.


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