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7/11/13 5:52 PM
hello!    i need help i think i have a mistake

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RE: #129496
5/29/13 12:59 PM as a reply to ayelet_avni2000.
Hey guys did you forget me?

RE: #129496
5/29/13 9:26 PM as a reply to ayelet_avni2000.
I'm sorry, can't help you with this one, I have not even started it.
Interesting points though!


RE: #129496
7/11/13 5:41 PM as a reply to ayelet_avni2000.
Delete the area in red. Then look at the blue spot I marked in row 3 column 14. That has to be black (count from the right, you will see that there are no other possibillities). Now that you have placed that black you can continue for a little while again.

Make sure you mark all the x's and o's, there are quite a few missing in the top left of the picture, and that's the area you should focus on now. I think you already made some (logical or not) guesses along the way, because I could not continue with the right side of the picture until I had the complete top left side figured out. That takes a lot of counting and recounting, but you can do it without a single guess or assumption!

Good luck with the rest of the puzzle emoticon


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