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New puzzles
link-apix new puzzles sudoku puzzle suggestion
5/11/13 7:01 AM
Yellow ^.^

I suppose most people who comes to forums are fanatics of these type of puzzles emoticon Well, I'm one of you ;)

Anyhow... I wanted to suggest expand puzzle variety. There is tons of puzzle around internet, but I like this site the most, probably because of it simple and warm page, something always pulling me back here (in a good way). I was here when here was only griddlers, no sudoku, no word search, no tridlers. So new puzzles means more players. You got some suggestions get them here emoticon

So, puzzles.

1. 3D sudoku. As true I did not know it exist until this year, accidently noticed a book of 3D sudoku and it was pretty impresive here is example of it:here
I don't know how hard it would be to add it or make it possible, but it would look nice at all that sudoku collection this site have at the moment.

2. Link-a-pix. Don't know how much of you know this puzzle but it's something like a griddlers them self, at least i can see some similar things. I do not know if it even true name of this puzzle, but this as much as i know. Here a pic: here

(looking at what i wrote, I "don't know" a lot ^.^)

RE: New puzzles
5/12/13 1:44 PM as a reply to smigius.
I would love to see link-a-pix puzzles added to this site!  I'm constantly searching the internet for places to solve these, and there are very few places that have them.  They're easily what my number 1 addition to this site would be.

On the number logic puzzle front, I'd like to see Hitori and Hashi games added the most.  But there are a ton of logic/number logic puzzles out there that would be great to see added.

I've loved all the additions that have been made to the site since I first started coming here, and look forward to seeing what new things are in store.

RE: New puzzles
5/13/13 6:18 PM as a reply to groz24.
I just tryed out both of them, didn't get how to play Hitori, but Hashi was really fun, loved that one emoticon

RE: New puzzles
4/8/14 8:21 AM as a reply to smigius.
I would love to see both of them as well as several others (nurikabe, battleships etc).
Smigius - you can see hitori rules in (
The 3D sudoku looks nice. Never heard of them before emoticon

RE: New puzzles
5/12/14 9:31 AM as a reply to eyalfishel.
Love, love, love these puzzles.
Fill - a - pix is my favorite....
I would be thrilled to see some of these here.

Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!! emoticon

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