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No Lite Version
5/14/13 2:26 AM
When I try to open a puzzle I've been working on, I no longer even get the option for the lite application.  I get bumbed to a screen instructing me to download Java.  Since I'm on a workplace computer, (1) I don't have authority to download anything, and (2) I'm pretty sure I have Java -- I've been working on Griddlers for a long time.  My suspicion is that Griddlers isn't working well with the latest version of Java.  Anyway, I know there's nothing you can do for my specific case, but hopefully, this will get worked out eventually.  In the meantime, no more Griddlers for me.  emoticon

RE: No Lite Version
5/14/13 6:02 AM as a reply to ariberdy.
by the beginig of this year some web browser decided to block Java if it is not the latest version. So even if you have installed Java it can be blocked by the browser. However, you should be able to run iGridd webstart application - http://igridd.com/igridd.jnlp . 
You can also thry the old version - it runs even on Java 1.1 and Lite version which does not require Java at all. Both are linked from puzzle detail page.

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