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Star 4 - Gmatch/Tmatch

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Star 4 - Gmatch/Tmatch
5/23/13 7:37 PM
I have not been given the star due to the Gmatch task.  However, I received over 500 points in Tournament 4 and 75 points in Tournament 5.  Do I need to participate in a more recent Gmatch?

RE: Star 4 - Gmatch/Tmatch
5/23/13 8:01 PM as a reply to becklenay.
Go to My Statistics page. If you have a trophy and/or a certificate for G-Match 4th tournament and above and T-Match 1st tournament and above - the task will be marked as "done" for you.
Also, if you see yourself in the current G-Match Score and Position (you can go through the menu: Top --> G-Match Players) with the position of 200 or less (199 , 198 , 197 , … , 3 , 2 , 1) - the task will be marked as "done" as well.
Why only 4th tournament for G-Match?
In G-Matches 1, 2, 3, after giving the trophies and certificates - we removed the records. We started to save the records only from the 4th tournament.
Why only 200 positions?
Because that's one of the rules of the G-Match. Thousands of users take a part. Only the first 200 get the record.
Sorry, becklenay, but you have to take a part in one of the matches we have now. Not only solve the puzzles, but be quick enough to have your name registered amongst the first 200 solvers.

RE: Star 4 - Gmatch/Tmatch
5/23/13 8:02 PM as a reply to becklenay.
Thank you.  I knew the first three didn't count - the site  was MUCH different with alot less users back then.  I will attempt to log into the chat tommorrow.  Here is hoping that the 'bot' likes me better than it did a few years ago, emoticon

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