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New Java Code Signing Certificate

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New Java Code Signing Certificate
6/18/13 8:47 PM
My security warning window does not look like the window described in the June 16 message. It says that the application is unsigned and may be a security risk. Does not say the signature has been verified.

RE: New Java Code Signing Certificate
6/19/13 7:12 AM as a reply to marybh.
well, with the new version of Java there are new messages. 
On the griddlers site there are two types of applications - regular applet for common users is not signed, it runs in sandbox and does not have access to file system or netwotk other than our site. You can ignore this warning message.

iGridd applet and workshop applets are signed with certificate mentioned in the news, it has access to file system (save puzzles locally, save workshop puzzles) and the warning message is very simillar


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