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Dear Griddlers Family
9/9/13 12:04 PM
Dear Griddlers Family, I know your lost is big, mine is too. Bigger than words can ever express. For years I felt that Griddlers is like a baby mom is taking care of instead of me (her youngest daughter), but this feeling vanish fast when I started to fall in love with this amazing site as well.
Some of you may know me as elimaor the auther, but I was hagit's daughter before anything. She was my best friend and the best mom I could wish for.
I believe she will stay in our hearts for ever and as long as this site will stay active, I know her spirit is too. Thank you so much for the kind words and the endless support you are experessing.

Sincere Love to you Griddlers Family.


RE: Dear Griddlers Family
9/9/13 12:10 PM as a reply to elimaor.
We will keep the site alive elimaor!

RE: Dear Griddlers Family
9/9/13 12:51 PM as a reply to elimaor.
Your mom was always SOOOO proud of you, Eli. She must be smiling down at all of us because she knows we will keep her legacy alive.


RE: Dear Griddlers Family
11/17/13 3:35 AM as a reply to elimaor.
Dear Eli,

I am so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. When a friend showed me this website, I found gold. The combination of the challenge to keep one's mind sharp (at least as sharp as it can be) and knowing that I'll never have to worry about stumbling into something undesireable is very rare and precious. Something to be proud of.

And one of the big challenges is to beat the mid-time of an Elimaor puzzle. emoticon

My sincere condolances. You will never stop thinking about her, but the pain will ease.


p.s. I'm anything but...

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