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I'm Back. ...Kind of..
1/22/14 11:13 AM
          Hello everyone, I have been inactive on griddlers for a few months so I thought I'd take the time to reflect upon my griddler journey and provide an update (I apologize in advance for a rambling message.)
  •          I was first introduced to griddlers back in 2007 by my brother and mom.  They taught me how to solve griddlers and it took me a while to catch on but I eventually figured it out.  I solved a few griddlers to pass the time during summer vacation but I never truly felt addicted to solving griddlers.  Then one day as I was stumbling around on the website I discovered the griddler workshop and learned that I could actually create my own griddlers. It was this idea that really excited me, much more so than solving griddlers.  On a whim I decided that I want to create a griddler.  On August 14th of 2007 my first griddler, Fish Enjoying the Sun, was published under outlawtorn7.
  •           Back in those early days I remember feeling so excited and enthusiastic with each new griddler I had published.  I paid attention to every comment, every vote I received.  My earlier griddlers had a certain innocence about them.  Most of them had humorous themes or incorporated puns in the title.  Over the years my work has become more polished, refined, and most significantly, it has become more personal.  I began putting more time and thought into each individual griddler.  I developed an innate artistic sense of touch and desire to create the perfect image with each griddler.  This also carried over into my triddlers as well.
  •           By 2010 I had established a strong reputation as 'outlaw' ...but I wanted to have my own personal account to be in full control of everything (outlawtorn7 was a shared account with my family).  So I created my new account 'zjmonty' and began creating griddlers and triddlers that I felt lived up to my capabilities as an artist.  This move initially led to some confusion - some thought I was a new author copying the style of outlawtorn7's griddlers.  To resolve this issue I requested to have all of my puzzles transferred to this account.  From that point I continued to grow as an artist.  I gradually increased my griddlers in both size and complexity. 
And that leads me to where I am now...
  •          I think, at this point, my time on the site as a full time author is coming to an end.  The intial freshness and appeal in creating griddlers is no longer my main drive.  With that being said I will still be lingering around the website and there will be more griddlers from me.  When I truly get inspired I can't resist creating more of them.  Over this past month alone I've created over 20 new griddlers.  They have all been stored on my computer as I have been perfecting each one of them.  Even though I won't be submitting as many puzzles anymore, I can assure that the ones I do submit wil be among my best works.  Despite my waning interest in regularly creating griddlers, my desire to create art has only grown exponentially.  Any newer griddlers I submit will contain more passion and energy than my older ones.
  •           I started creating griddlers in middle school at age 13.  I am almost 20 now, currently enrolled in my second year of college as an art major.  It boggles my mind how much time has passed since then.  Griddlers will always be a part of my identity.  Without discovering this website I don't think I would've progressed to where I am right now as an art major.  I have felt nothing but embrace from this community over the years and I am incredibly grateful for that.

          And finally, for anyone interested I would like to offer the chance for you to stay in touch with my art outside of griddlers.  This is where the bulk of my passion is at these days.  Below are two links.  You can get updates by liking my new facebook page and/or following my tumblr page.  I would love for some of my regular solvers to see the work I do in the 'real world'. emoticon

RE: I'm Back. ...Kind of..
1/24/14 2:35 AM as a reply to zjmonty.
I've thoroughly enjoyed your puzzles all these years, Outlaw.  Good luck in your new passions!

RE: I'm Back. ...Kind of..
10/12/14 12:34 PM as a reply to zjmonty.
Thank you for the puzzles

RE: I'm Back. ...Kind of..
10/16/14 1:22 PM as a reply to zjmonty.
Thank you for keeping us (fans) updated. I am sure you will succeed on you art career just by looking at the great puzzles you have created here. I only solved triddlers and it is not a coincidence that you have 8 puzzles on the top 10 of all times, and the five best triddlers of all times belong to you. Although it´s kind of sad that you will not create so many now, I will look forward to those few that you give extra time perfecting them.

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