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iGridd Bug
5/29/12 5:22 PM
1) Open up iGridd
2) Go to Single Griddlers -> Most Popular -> [pick one]
3) Go to Single Griddlers -> New Puzzles

Most Popular -> Last Month displays instead of New Puzzles.

RE: iGridd Bug
5/29/12 7:21 PM as a reply to mudshark.
if you have new puzzles sorted by popularity, the result is almost the same as Most Popular Last Month. You can see that there are 50 puzzles MPLM and 168 of all new puzzles.


RE: iGridd Bug
5/29/12 7:45 PM as a reply to Ra100.
Hi Rasto, I see what you're saying.  So I guess the Most Popular is choosing to sort by popularity (obviously), but that doesn't change when I go to other categories?  I guess that's not necessarily a bug, more of a design choice.  I would prefer that it return to default (sort by most recent) when changing to other categories from Most Popular, but now that I understand it I can live with it.


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