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Newbie, I get lost so easy, what am I missing?

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I thought I knew all the basic techniques but I seem to get lost so easy. Take the attached puzzle for example (hopefully the attachment worked, this is my first post). What am I missing here? I just don't get it. Is there a good list of methods somewhere or some video that can help walk you through the basics? Take a look at the puzzle and figure out what I keep missing, lol, I always get stuck.

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RE: Newbie, I get lost so easy, what am I missing?
21/04/11 07:27 en réponse à generalwalton.
in column 12 (6,2,2,1) you can mark 1 position black for each 2

RE: Newbie, I get lost so easy, what am I missing?
29/04/11 01:23 en réponse à harmless_52.
I swear I stared at that puzzle for an hour trying to count out every possible combination. Is there some mat formula or easy way to pick up on something like that? Those small numbers I guess I just over looked. Thanks for the help though.

RE: Newbie, I get lost so easy, what am I missing?
30/04/11 16:49 en réponse à generalwalton.
One technique you could use is to add up all the clues in a column or row, then add the # of clues and subtract 1. Then take that number and subtract it from the maximum number in any single column or row. if this results in a number smaller than any individual clue, remove that many blocks from each individual clue. If there is only 1 clue, there is no need to add the # of numbers as this results in 0 (1-1)

Easy example:

As you did in row 6 from the top, there is a clue of 12. The maximum row length is 20. 20-12 =8. 12-8=4. This means 4 blocks near the middle must overlap. Easiest way to do this is count 12 from one edge then fill in 4 blocks back in the opposite direction.

Harder example:

In column 12 from the left, there are 4 clues. 6, 2, 2, and 1. These add up to 11 and you must add 3 (4 clues -1) for each space that must be between each clue. This totals 14. The maximum column length is 15. This means that 1 block from each clue must be removed. The best way to do this is to start on the side that has the larger number. The 6 clue will have 5 guaranteed, each 2 clue will have 1 guaranteed, and the 1 is indeterminate at this time.

The more you solve, the more methods you may devise or understand how to solve these puzzles. At times there seems to be only 1 logical step to advance even if advanced techniques are used. Hope this helps.

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