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Numbers Missing in light color clues

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Numbers Missing in light color clues
04/03/03 21:25
I'm getting no numbers on puzzles that are in yellow;orange; or blue. Haven't checked anymore than puzzle numbers 3389;3073;and 2693. Also, I have no solve button, but if I click in the area it's suppose to be, it brings up the puzzle. It seems the very light colors are missing the numbers as I get the numbers in the black (always) and red etc. I'm on windows xp and haven't had any problems with java on any other of the programs I use? Any ideas? Thank you.

Re: Numbers Missing in light color clues
04/03/03 21:25 en réponse à soozascii.
I read one of the earlier notes about getting java 2 standard edition 1.4.1 and then downloaded that. It has fixed the problem and the numbers are no longer missing in the colored boxes on the puzzles. So, no longer need any help on this.
Thanks Anyway

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