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I've got a challenge for you

I've got a challenge for you
01/02/10 11:05
I like to do crochet ... some may find that strange but it is fun to do emoticon

I received a book in the mail today with a CD that shows me how to convert crochet squares into a quilt with either triangles or just squares.

Can be as big or as small as you like but I'd probably start with 10 x 10 ...

Now the challenge to design a griddler that I can transfer into a rug of green and gold squares/triangles for my daughter who has just turned one.

Over to you emoticon

Please post puzzle numbers of your suggestions here so that I can do the puzzles and see which ones look great.

Thank you and happy Griddlers
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RE: I've got a challenge for you
21/07/11 08:09 en réponse à Lisa ..
I know you posted this several months ago - but I'll bite on this one! I crochet too, and also quilt. Somewhere around here I have a quilt pattern I adapted from a triddler, so I have a pretty good concept of what you want. Sounds like fun!
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